Movement Mantra Mentorship Program

Movement Mantra Mentorship Program

Launching May 1, 2018 and open to eight students only!


How it works…

You commit to a 12-month mentorship with Joseph.

In return you will receive:

– one-hour private consultations with Joseph every two weeks via Zoom online
– complimentary access to once/month online group DNA™ Sessions
– $100 off continuing education courses and retreats forever!

$150/month – May 2018-April 2019

Upon registering, you will receive an email from Joseph welcoming you to the MM Mentorship Program, along with an invitation to schedule your first session the week of 5/1. This initial meeting will help you both determine what your goals are as a participant in the program. You will receive your own Zoom link for these recurring sessions and they will be tailored to fit your needs and desires as a practitioner and someone engaged in the learning process.

Register Here by emailing and she will invoice you.

Movement Mantra Consulting Opportunities:

Individual One-Hour Drop-In Consultations – $150/hour (email Joseph to schedule,

Group Therapy One-Hour Sessions (limit to ten students) – $50/hour (starting in June! For students who have completed a DNA™ Seminar/Retreat)